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Ayers Automotive

Cooper Tires

Cremorne Prestige Service

Currans Accident Repair Centre

Davis Performance Landys

Eurohaus Prestige

Graeme Cooper Automotive

Greenslip Calculator

John Patrick Land Rover

L.J.Hooker, Chatswood  tel (02) 9419 8111


Purnell Motors

Northern Beaches Land Rover

Trivett Land Rover

T.R. Spares

Triumph Rover Spares

Tyre Compare

Water Filters Australia




Royal Flying Doctor Service

State Forests of NSW

National Parks & Wildlife Service NSW



4WD Victoria

Kosciusko Huts Association

Land Rover Owners Club, Sydney

Range Rover Club of Queensland

Range Rover Club of Victoria

Range Rover Club of South Australia

Land Rover Club of Tasmania

Rover Club of Germany

Internet Land Rover Club

Range Rover Register

Range Rover enthusiast (Switzerland)

Rover Owners Club

Iceland Land Rover Owners Club

Land Rover Club of Liguria, Italy




South Australia Desert Parks



Landrover Australia

Landrover UK

Landrover USA

Land Rover Enthusiast magazine

John Brabyn's Range Rovers

Rovers North (USA)

Land Rover net shop

Land Rover World Org

Land (UK)

Land Rover Geeks  W



AAA - fuel prices around Australia

Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Environment Australia Online

Australian Place Names - Search


Scott's Old Auto Rubber

4 Wheel Drive World